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Hi all,
I have to travel up to Cumbria for Christmas - hhmmm M25, M40, M42, M6 !!. Does anyone have any idea of the best Detector that you can buy (Windshield Mounted). I heard the Bel 855 Sti is good, but what about the rest. Any thoughts would be appreciated as i like my license.

Happy Xmas

Glenn (Terzo)
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Old 20 December 1998, 11:34 PM
Mike Scott
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I've had a Bel 645 STi for about 3 years and it's served me well. When I got it, Bel were easily the best, most sensitive detectors. Assuming they're still as good, I'd say go for it.
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I'm contemplating the Valentine One. It's main advantages are a direction indicator (so you can make a better guess at false positives) and the ability to let you know you are being hit by more than on signal (most automatic doors will trigger a detector, that's garages,supermarkets, Motorway service areas,etc. So you ignore the alarm as you pass the garage and then the tagged by the Gatso you didn't see ...with the V1 you can see there are two sources). A problem is that it's twice the price of anything else :-(

If you want future-proofing then the Snooper is the only one to spot the mobile Gatsos which could soon be a bete noir...
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I recently purchased a Bel 855 STi-European Series from Leading Edge Concepts (01388 835 835). They are the offical importers of Bel products, and made a good impression with me by being willing to spend a fair while on the phone discussing various products before I placed my order. It also arrived the next day, precisely as promised.

So far as performance goes, I would certainly recommend one. The detection range for gatsos is sufficient to check your speed (should it be necessary!), and it doesn't seem to throw many false signals, just a few in built up areas where there are loads of traffic lights etc (and where nobody in their right mind should be breaking the speed limit anyway). I would be wary about buying a cheaper model, because when approaching a gatso from behind, even the 855STi only seems to register minimum signal strength until you are pretty much upon it.

I believe that this model and the Bel Vector Europa won a radar detector group test in Auto Express several weeks ago, but I have not actually seen the article.
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Elsewhere, you criticise others for speeding on Wales finest roads, suggesting that it implies Impreza drivers as irresponsible, yet you own a radar detector (I DO NOT), surely their is only one reason you would own such a device??????
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I new somebody would have to point this out (sigh). I agree that on the face of it, it could appear somewhat hypocritical.

I did not purchase the radar detector in order to be able to drive at V-max on public roads, or to drive like a nutter everywhere and not get caught. It is there as some protection from the indiscriminate arm of the law, which could see my license endorsed, should I be doing (for instance) 70mph in a 60mph zone in perfect conditions.
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The police can choose to give you a firm telling off!
Cameras don't give you a chance.
My portable Bell is much more sensitive than the fixed one I had installed.
On many occasions I have thanked Mr Croney for his Brembos as they can really shave the speed off :-)
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stu k
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try they have a load at cheap prices and ship into the UK , they tell u full spec etc and how they work, hope thats of some help.

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Andy Jackson
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I have a snooper on mine and it has redeemed my licence a few times, not for driving like a total loon you understand, but for 10mph over or so..... the only pain is the stores etc, but you do get to know where these are.
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www.radar-boys seems to be a duff web address
Has anybody got the correct one?
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The web site is
hope this helps
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