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By: dpb
Yesterday 11:53 PM

We don't have insane right to bear arms, no
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Yesterday 11:23 PM

Hi don thanks managed to do my ring gaps!! Mahle 2618 piston pack supplied,done the ring gaps per the tech sheet i have been told by two very good sources they seem to large for application. On...
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Yesterday 11:02 PM

Depends what you call rarely. When I bought my hatch, it had a K&N. When I checked it, 1/3of it was blocked flush with the top of the pleats. Obviously I don't know it's history. The car had done...
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Yesterday 10:56 PM

Doesn't fit the MY15 WRX STI http://imdomino.imgroup.co. uk/imggb/www/subaru_accessories.n sf/NULL/A4961A7471F004D78025 7D6B003DA0C3/$FILE/J515EFJ010.jpg
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Yesterday 10:16 PM

Could someone explain the differences between the non widetrack and widetrack spec c's, the way I understand it is stis of the next generation would inherit stuff from previous spec c's so does that...
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By: Dan1
Yesterday 10:12 PM

This might be a long shot, but as per this thread I am looking for the STI Recaro sports seats that were available in Japan as an option. Looking for a set in black including GDB rails as this will...
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Yesterday 09:58 PM

GIT :razz: That will teach me to not give in and make a facebook account
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Yesterday 09:29 PM

https://cimg4.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.scoobynet.com-vbulletin/2000x1124/screenshot_2019_07_1 7_19_30_14_16dec216c 18972ca116001594cc06 ae22263e6be.jpg...
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By: sivo
Yesterday 07:31 PM

Getting the car back to standard hasn't come cheap, the badges are just................ ..........how much :eek: Anyway....... https://i.imgur.com/DLjzJdF.jpg Siv :thumb:
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By: Mick
Yesterday 07:20 PM

Take caliper off - apply A LITTLE brake pedal and see which don't move - or just try pushing them back in and see how much pressure they take to move...
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Yesterday 07:19 PM

I expect Hayward & Scott would make one to suit
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Yesterday 07:04 PM

Impreza classics are well supported with aftermarket/tuning parts and all servicing components/fluids are readily available. Things like body panels and interior parts are also relatively easy to get...
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Yesterday 06:10 PM

not anymore :(
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Yesterday 03:49 PM

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By: Henrik
Yesterday 03:12 PM

That M2 looks super nice! Definitely my favourite in the current M line-up. As per my first post, I wont be buying one in a hurry, but it's a very, very nice car :)
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By: Henrik
Yesterday 03:03 PM

That's basically what I ran a number of years ago. I used to mix 5 litres of E85 to 40 litres of Optimax (or was it full tank? can't remember), which shows you how long ago it was :) It made a big...
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By: Henrik
Yesterday 03:01 PM

I'm the same as you - I don't want to throw thousands at the car... So many more important things to spend money on nowadays. For me the car is just a hobby project that sits in the garage gathering...
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By: Dan1
Yesterday 01:52 PM

I found out these were optional STI seats in Japan made by Recaro. Came standard with lightweight aluminium rails. One seat is ~14kg which is 6kg ligher than newage driver seats. Early versions...
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By: Rusti
Yesterday 01:46 PM

Is there any reason for this?
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