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Market Place Rules and Advice

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Default Market Place Rules and Advice

Marketplace Rules and Advice
(as of 8th July 2011 )

This forum is for non-commercial private sales by paying members. If you cannot post an advert in the sales sections, this is usually because you haven't paid for a scoobynet subscription, or it has expired. (payment info can be found here:

No commercial or trader advertising is allowed, except in the traders forums by 'Authorised Advertisers' (AA). If you wish to advertise commercially on Scoobynet please contact [email protected] to discuss the excellent opportunities available to you.

Marketplace Rules

  • Scoobynet takes no responsibility for any transactions being made between seller and buyer.
  • All adverts must have an asking price for all goods offered.
  • Nothing that you post for sale must be illegal under UK law.
    • Vehicles, or items intended for use on vehicles must be fully legal for use on the road and must adhere to all UK laws unless its lack of legality is SPECIFICALLY stated in the advertisement in good clear text of normal or larger font size. I.E: For off road use only.
  • All posts and threads within this forum must only contain information pertaining to the advertising of goods, or the request for information about such goods.
    • All sale items must stay strictly on topic. General chit chat may lead to thread removal.
    • If you don't like the price or item being offered and not interested in buying, do not reply, just move on.
    • Non sale related or negative comments will be deleted and the poster potentially infracted.
  • Poor conduct and bad language from either buyer or seller in public or private will not be tolerated and may result in a ban from the forums.
  • Sale posts solely linking to adverts on other sites (such as Ebay) is not allowed. All users need to post a full description, otherwise their advert may get deleted.
  • Auctions, Raffles or selling items via a competition is not allowed.
  • Members should not offer goods on behalf of a third party. Any such threads will be deleted.
  • Limit thread 'Bumping' (or BTT). Bumping is anti-community and should only be done if your thread has moved down further than page 2 or had no reply for 2 days since the last post.
  • Avoid creating duplicate threads.
    • If you cannot find your thread, check your thread age cut off settings in your user CP. You can also use automatic subscriptions to keep track of your threads or search using 'advanced' search for threads created by your user name.
  • Avoid creating lots of separate threads for individual parts.
    • If they are all from the same (or similar) car, advertise a list of the parts in a single thread with an appropriate title (eg: Suspension parts for MY99 STi). Users found creating too many multiple threads in one go may have them merged into a single thread. This is to prevent one single user from hogging the entire page of the sales section and make it fairer for users selling single items.

Selling for Profit
Generally speaking, members should not be making a profit from other members. To clarify, we do not condone the buying and selling of goods purely for profit by anyone other than AA (Authorised Advertiser) status members.

  • Activities considered to be buying/selling for profit include:
    • Members selling more than 4 cars per annum
    • Members found to be selling an unusual amount of items.
    • Members found to be breaking multiple cars for spares.
  • Commercial posts are forbidden unless they are placed by members with AA status in the correct forums.
  • Should you wish to sell any form of tickets, we only allow the sale of such items at or below face value.
  • Please report suspected traders by clicking the RTM (Report to Moderator) icon on the relevant post, giving details of why you suspect the user is a trader to assist our investigation.

If you are trading, be it full time, part time or as a regular extra income, then you need to register as a Authorised Advertiser. Contact [email protected] for further information.

Fraud/Scamming Advice

Members are advised to be aware of unscrupulous people using the market place. And therefore must take personal safeguards to minimise the risk of becoming a victim. These include:
  • Only buy from subscribed paying members. These are either 'Plus Members' or 'Authorised Advertisers', and indicated by the logo beneath their avatar.
  • Sellers should pay extra caution when selling to new members or members without a 'Plus member' status.
  • NEVER use the gift option on Paypal transactions, you may avoid fees, but you will be unable to make a claim for refunds.
  • Get a tracking number and use insured delivery for valuable goods.
  • Check the insured value limits and delivery arrangements with the courrier.
  • Beware of delaying tactics used to clear Paypal funds, this can be 21 days to empty funds and 45 days to lodge a claim dispute.
  • In this day and age there is no reason why a transaction can't be fully completed from start to finish within two weeks. People who take longer are either scamming or are highly disorganised.
  • If an item appears to be too good or cheap to be true, it often is.
  • Check a user's past posting history: A genuine Subaru enthusiast will regularly post and interact outside of the sales areas, high post counts and good previous sales history is key here.
  • Avoid goods offered by private messaging. Especially from non-paying members. If someone wants to sell, they should have an advert in the marketplace.
  • Use the iTrader system to check a member's feedback and give feedback. Instructions on how to use iTrader can be found here: iTrader Instructions.
  • Report possible unregistered traders or scams.
  • It is not ScoobyNet's responsibility to check that goods are fit for purpose, accurately described and/or comply with UK road and traffic laws. That is for you as the buyer to ascertain for yourself.
  • If you are a victim of fraud or scamming, contact the police and get legal advice from a representative or via the Citizens Advice Bureau on how best to proceed.
  • Scoobynet does not condone witch-hunts or unlawful or violent activities against scammers: Click here for further information.

Hints and Tips
In order to get the most attention from your advert, the following hints and tips should help make sure you make the most out of your advert:

  • Use full and proper English (text talk is against forum rules).
  • Keep the title short yet specific to what it is or what it is from, for example "Complete Engine for MY99 UK Turbo - 1500".
  • Avoid excessive use of punctuation, colours or capitals. Its just annoying, and will deter people from viewing your advert.
  • Place the advert in the correct forum.
  • Be honest! Don't describe something as 'mint' when knowing it has a few dents or scratches. Misdescribing the condition of items will cause complaints and negative feedback.
  • ALWAYS state a price. Its in our rules.
  • Keep descriptions of specification, details or condition concise but informative. Use bullet points to highlight key details. Avoid too much random waffle.
  • Pictures, make sure you include some that are clear, in focus and of the actual item you are selling. Tip: Its often wise to use the macro function on your camera for photographing small parts. This is usually activated by selecting this symbol on your camera:
  • Do not use a picture of a similar item found on the internet instead of your own, scammers often do this and you could receive complaints and negative feedback for doing so.
  • State your general area location so people have an idea of how far away the item is.
  • If you are too busy or preoccupied to sell an item, then don't advertise or sell an item until you are free to actually make the transaction.
  • Do not accept money when knowing you are unable to send the item in a timely manner (i.e within 24hrs of receiving payment). Delays in sending goods after reciveing payment will result in complaints and disputes.
  • Stay in touch. Give the other party in a transaction several means of contact, and keep them up to date with the situation.
  • If there is a problem, sometimes its best to talk to the other party via telephone or face to face. Text messages and emails are easily ignored or forgotten.
  • Keep the thread up to date: When an item is sold, make a post stating that.

General Legal and Moderation Information

Any posting that contravenes any of the forum rules, may result in immediate removal without explanation. Repeat offending may result in your details being published and further action (including legal) taken.

Please also be aware that Scoobynet takes NO responsibility for any issues between buyer and seller. Goods are advertised and bought at the risk of the individuals concerned. Scoobynet will not allow "Name & Shame" content within the forums and any such material may be removed. All issues need to be resolved outside of Scoobynet.

Your posting within these forums indicates your acceptance of these terms.

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