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Overtaking a police car on the motorway - What do YOU do?

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Overtaking a police car on the motorway - What do YOU do?

Old 20 September 2001, 08:41 AM
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Has anyone else run into(not literally of course) the 4Track copper who patrols the south bound M6 between J12-J10? He sits there on 80 constantly, I have crawled past him at just over 80 but not many others are willing to take the chance. He hasn't pulled me yet but what a complete B******!
He must know exactly what he's doing.
For about a three week period a few months ago I came accross him every morning. He probably sits there laughing all the way down the motorway.That sort of thing takes the p**** don't you think?
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Old 20 September 2001, 10:22 AM
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Just want to point out that assuming your speedo is out by 10mph at 80mph is a very stupid thing to do.

It wont stand up in court im afraid...

"Well me lord, someone on the web told me that at 80mph i was actually doing only 70mph and therefore factualy i'm innocent"... DOH!!!!

They're much better than they used to be - so try 70mph and you'll never get done yet only add 10mins to your journey time.

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Old 20 September 2001, 11:18 AM
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many moons ago travelling on the dual carriageway from Southend to Romford got caught in a long line of traffic in the left hand lane - all stuck behind a cop car doing exactly the legal limit with miles of open, empty road ahead.

the laugh was watching the smart-a*ses tearing up the right hand lane, suddenly spotting the cop car at the head of the queue, hitting the anchors and trying to dive back into the traffic in the left hand lane.

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Old 20 September 2001, 11:39 AM
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Get German Number plates, drive post them and smile, the chances af getting pulled is slim unless you tear the **** out of it as I don't suppose speaking German is a prerequisite for being a traffic cop.
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Old 20 September 2001, 01:00 PM
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I rolled past a marked police car at 80mph a few months back and then pulled into lane 2. The police car put his blue flashing lights on and I nearly [email protected] myself!

I pulled into lane 1 and so did the police car, I started to slow down, eyes glued to my mirror to see if the driver was justiculating (pointing to the hard shoulder). I couldn't see the driver due to reflections but his car slowed down faster than me, but not slow enough as to pull over, so a gap was forming between us. I slowed a bit more to let him catch up, whilst watching other cars pass me (laughing and pointing at me as well ).

Not knowing quite what to do now, I carried on at about 30mph. The police car was slower still until we got to a junction, at which point I carried on and the police car accelerated and pulled of up the turning at the last minute .

I could only imaging that they were taking the ****.

No ticket though!

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Old 20 September 2001, 01:55 PM
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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:<HR><B>Does anyone know where you could get your speedo calibrated so that is more accurate?[/quote]

You, sir, need a GPS.

Even the cheap ones give very accurate speed.
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Old 20 September 2001, 02:03 PM
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Thumbs up

My Escort D chuggs at the best of times, but when on the motorway it pulls a respectable 90mph, or what it displays to be 90 which probably is 45.78694763546mph on the police car screen.

I digress. Was driving from chichester to Leeds (not a Short journey) was doing 90 in lane 2 on M1 just north of M25, spots a marked Vectra up on the side of the hard shoulder, on the horizon so ease off to 80mph (32.1264646mph)and continue over taking people as normal, just after I go past,and the police car receeds in the rear view mirror, I slowly chugg back up to 90.
30 seconds latter the police car appears tanking it up the outside lane with Blue lights on, I drop into lane and ease back to 80ish, police car gets along side really tanking it, so I start to accelerate to pull out behind him as he has better things to do, than stop me (or so I think), I start close the gap on the car infront, about to indicate. The police car stomps on the brakes pull straight into lane two, by which time brown stuff is coming from a certain oriffice, not only because I am about to be pull but because I am about to bury the front of my car in the back of his, he is now doing about 40, spots a gap in inside lane and he hits the hard shoulder, by which time I have got a bit sideways under breaking, manage to pull it straight, and get going without get some oe up my rear end!

I was shaking so much I could barely drive, and was still shaking when I reach services 15miles latter.

Resumed the journey feeling better, get just north of sheffield, doing 90mph again in lane 2 over taking a car in lane 1, bright white lights close very quickly on me, get past car and pull into lane 1, and police car then speeds up and passes me while i am doing 90, think I am a luck boy.

The end is coming

10 minutes latter doing the same manouver, same style of brightlights behind, pull in and another marked car speeds up and shoots past.

Couple of miles latter both cars are on the hard shoulder having pulled a MGF and an Xri festa. They must have been really tanking it.

Sorry there was no good punch line at the end only the moral, if you are not doing anything stupid then you will not get pulled.

However I did feel the first cop car was a bit dangerous.

The end.

Oh actually I was pulled by an unmarked 106 with a blown head light, doing 55 on a 30 limit dual carriage way at 1.30am, and was let off, just. Did not point out that his headlight was blown, did not want to upset them, but now know it would never have stood up in court as he did not have a calibrated speedo or any tracking equipment in the car.

Thanks for reading. Hope this sends now.


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Old 20 September 2001, 09:52 PM
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Bombing along the m8 at 90mph one night I start to overtake a car whilst entering a 50mph roadworks zone. As I get alongside I realise it's a cop car and slam on the anchors I have beefed up brakes on my Calibra which quickly took off the speed and I slotted in behind the police car. Once we were through the roadworks he accelerated to 65mph and after a while I passed him at 70mph then he sped up and tailed me for 6 miles into Edinburgh.

I was sure he was going to pull me over but when we reached the roundabout he U-turned back onto the motorway and I headed home.

I caned it all the way home I was so pleased
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Old 20 September 2001, 10:50 PM
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I always find that driving alongside - turning towards them with a smile on my face and a 'V' sign - usually works when you accelerate off at one hell of a speed ...... they are so shocked by it all that I am off the next junction before they have chance to cough, splutter and put their brains into gear!


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Old 20 September 2001, 11:02 PM
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I glide past at 78mph if possible, smile athem looking at my side window sticker, and if they are lucky give them a sly wink and blow a kiss
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Old 20 September 2001, 11:13 PM
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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:<HR>Originally posted by MichelleWRX1994:
<B>I glide past at 78mph if possible, smile athem looking at my side window sticker, and if they are lucky give them a sly wink and blow a kiss [/quote]

I didn't think your speedo registered anything below 90

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Old 20 September 2001, 11:16 PM
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Just blasted (80ish) past an unmarked camera car on my way home, down a great A road, Unfortunately he had the camera on, and invited me to see the error of my ways.
However it has to be said, he was a reasonable bloke and after a stern talking to he let me off with a warning.
God Bless Cheshire Constabulary Traffic Division I Say!!
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Old 20 September 2001, 11:18 PM
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Bugger, Thought I'd bagged my first corner then! Doh!
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Old 21 September 2001, 09:36 AM
fast bloke
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Robertio - you can also get past by gesticulating wildly, indicating and pointing at the back of their car. When they stop, pull up beside them and tell them their back wheel looks a bit flat or something is dragging below the car. Drive on while they are checking. Gives you a couple of minutes to put some space between you as well
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Old 21 September 2001, 12:33 PM
matt d
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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:<HR>Originally posted by Robertio:

I find more ackward is police cars doing 50-55 on an A or B road, very difficult to overtake without exceeding 65 or so, so I normally end up sitting behind them until a very, very long straight allows me to creep past.[/quote]

Nonono! This one is much more fun. Wait for a slow (&lt;40mph) corner, then start accelerating before the apex (unless it's pissing it down) and get right up his chuff just as you come onto the straight, then use scoob power to overtake up to about 70mph. Then stick to 65-70, and if the road is twisty, really cane it round the corners and see how quickly you can leave him behind without ever breaking the limit by more than about 5mph. It's surprisingly easy with most plod cars, unless they "chase".
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Old 21 September 2001, 02:42 PM
Matty B
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The M5 between jcn5 and 1 northbound on a weekday morning can be steady at 60 if u r lucky, but I got to work quicker yesterday thanks to a Y reg Omega estate with the yellow and orange stripes all over it, but no Constabulary livery or Police wording on it.

The only thing was, despite the blue lights on top, on the rear window was a sticker saying "OUT OF SERVICE". Not until you got up close could you see it, from a distance you would think "cop car" and back off.

I caught him up as it was in lane 3,& he was giving it 70mph+ with cars ahead of him moving over

Simple, stick behind him all the way

the other giveaway was that he was too close to vehicles in front of him (well, too close if it was a real cop car).


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Old 21 September 2001, 02:54 PM
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Sat behind cop car on M6, watched green Rover 820 pootle past him at 71mph.

The Rover goes round a couple of bends gradually getting further away until he is nowhere to be seen.

5 min later, said copcar speeds off

1 minute later go past another copcar on side of road with radar!

1st copcar pulled over green Rover.

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