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police and trackers??

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Default police and trackers??

evenin evenin rite ok so you go to get in the car from work and it seems to of vanished , that's strange ! im sure I left it there???? but hey its ok oh yeh I got a tracker on my car all I need to do is call the boys in blue and all will be well .................................................. .................................................. ................

or is it ? my question - do police even bother if u have a working tracker? am trying to decide on a device or the anti hijack device . if a tracker does get attention of the law then id go for that, lot of high end cars make there way to dover, or bust up for parts in hours. and the numberplate system is a well a bit of a joke really today. they need to chip cars so they can make a ID check , rather than the xyz check.changing world out there , its like you cant own a decent motor without fear of scum causing you headaches and stress. even worse sticking you in the ground where the flowers grow. law is an ***

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We're a UK distributor for several tracker and security system manufacturers, so...

On trackers, if your car is stolen, report it to the police and get a crime number. Call your tracking provider and give them the crime number and they will track your vehicle to its last known location. How quickly the police will be able to recover it is a separate matter and dependent on the particular police force. Most tracking providers now have apps to allow you to track your car yourself.

If you're worried, then go for a Cat6 tracker for tracking and a security system which requires a proximity tag (transponder) to be in the car or it won't start. Leave it in your wallet and it'll never be a problem. This can also act as an anti-hijack system, in that they can take your car, but when it's switched off, it won't restart.

You could go for a Cat5 tracker, which provides one level more of security, but they're a lot more money to buy and the subscription fees are significantly higher. If you don't have the proximity tag on you when you start the car, the tracking company will call you. We typically see these installed in higher-end cars like Astons, Ferraris, Porsches and Lambos etc.

It's not so much that the law is an ***, it's the asshats that decide that it's fine to nick other people's pride and joy that the problem.

Hope this helps
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