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HKS Big Power Campaign 2017

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Default HKS Big Power Campaign 2017

HKS Europe have released some special offer prices on a selection of there top power products.

Campaign is open till the 1st December and is only available while stock lasts....

Borrowing the name from a similar campaign that is usually run within Japan, HKS Europe have brought focus to some of the parts which helped establish the HKS name, Premium high end parts and in particular Engine and Turbo technology.

HKS Europe have applied some improved pricing on a list of high end parts in the hope that having more HKS users within the market can help build the reputation of the HKS brand in your region and increase market share and future demand. The main focus has been on Engine parts, Turbo kits and Suspension kits.

Here is a list of the SUBARU specific parts with SCOOBYNET prices (Was and Now) including VAT:

Turbo related
11004-AF010 GTII 7460 Turbo Impreza GRF GVF (EJ25 single scroll) - Was 1683 Now 1479
11004-AF011 GTII 7460 Turbo Impreza GDB GC8 (EJ20 single scroll) - Was 1683 Now 1632
11004-AF012 GTII 8262 Turbo Impreza EJ25 single scroll - Was 2142 Now 2040
11004-AF013 GT3-RS SPORTS TURBINE KIT GRB EJ20 - Was 2346 Now 2244
13001-AF004 Intercooler Kit GDB(E) EJ207 Front Mount - Was 1173 Now 1122
13001-AF014 Intercooler Kit Impreza GRB - Was 1530 Now 1377

Clutch related
26010-AF002 Clutch LA Type (PULL) Single-plate GC8/GDA (5MT ONLY!) EJ20 - Was 1122 Now 918
26011-AF001 Clutch LA Type 2-Plate (6MT ONLY!) GRB/GDB/BL5-E/BP5-E/SG9 - Was 1632 Now 1224

Exhaust related
31006-BF001 Hi-Power Ti-Tip Muffler Impreza VAF(EJ25) VAG(FA20) WRX STI - Was 1122 Now 816
31008-BF001 Racing Muffler USDM (rear+center pipe) Impreza GRB/GRF - Was 1326 Now 1020
31019-AF028 Hi-Power Spec-L Levorg FA20 - Was 1122 Now 969
31021-AF022 Legamax Premium (Ti-Tips) Impreza GVF GVB (rear+center pipe) - Was 1326 Now 1224
31021-AF023 Legamax Premium Subaru Forester SJG(FA20) - Was 1071 Now 969
31029-AF008 Super Turbo Muffler Impreza GVB/GVF - Was 1224 Now 1122
31029-AF010 Super Turbo Muffler Levorg FB16 - Was 1173 Now 1071
31029-AF011 Super Turbo Muffler WRX STI VAB - Was 1224 Now 918
31029-AF014 Super Turbo Muffler WRX STI GVB/GVF - Was 1530 Now 1173

Intake related
70019-AF003 SPF Reloaded GC8 EJ20G 92/11~96/8 - Was 117 Now 102
70019-AF007 SPF Reloaded GC8 EJ207 98/9~00/8 - Was 148 Now 128
70019-AF008 SPF Reloaded GDA/GDB(A,B) 00/10~02/10 - Was 148 Now 128
70019-AF009 SPF Reloaded GDB(C,D,E,F,G) 02/11~ - Was 148 Now 128
70020-AF005 RSK Reloaded Subaru Legacy BL5 BP5 - Was 428 Now 306
70020-AF006 RSK Reloaded GDB(C,D,E,F) EJ207 02/11~ - Was 250 Now 214
70020-AF007 RSK Reloaded GDB (A,B) EJ207 00/10~02/10 - Was 250 Now 214
70020-AF010 RSK Reloaded Impreza Sti (GRB EJ207, GRF/GVB EJ25) - Was 296 Now 255

Suspension related
80155-AF008 Hipermax III Sport Impreza GRB/GRF/GVB - Was 1734 Now 867
80230-AF001 Hipermax MAX4GT Subaru Impreza GRB/GVB - Was 1530 Now 1377
80230-AF002 Hipermax MAX4GT Impreza GDB(A~D) 00/10~04/5 - Was 1734 Now 1530
80230-AF003 Hipermax MAX4GT Impreza GDB(E~F) 04/06~ - Was 1734 Now 1530
80230-AF008 Hipermax MAX4GT Impreza VAF/VAG EJ25/FA20 WRX STI USDM - Was 1428 Now 1122
80250-AF001 Hipermax MAX4SP Subaru Impreza GRB/GRF/GVB - Was 1632 Now 1428
80250-AF002 Hipermax MAX4SP Impreza GDB(E~G) 04/06~ - Was 1785 Now 1581
80250-AF004 Hipermax MAX4SP Impreza GDB(A~D) 00/10~04/5 - Was 1758 Now 1581

Contact us to place your order
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