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Ladies and gents,

I think I can safely say that the webteam is getting a little bit sick and tired of dealing with the increasing number of threads that have started off perfectly well, only to degenerate into a slanging match about trolling!

So, lets be perfectly clear about what you should do if you believe that someone is trolling:

You RTM the relevant post and leave it with us. That's it!

You DO NOT post anything on the thread of an inflammatory nature i.e. calling the person a troll, saying how much you dislike them etc....

Trolling requires MORE than ONE person to work! If you rise to the bait YOU are part of the problem - not the solution. No amount of hurling abuse at the perceived troll or others who might not share your viewpoint is going to help; it will just cause things to escalate and you will end up in hot water for breaking the T&Cs. Now, if you were right and that person was trolling this is EXACTLY what they would have wanted.

The best way of upholding the T&Cs is to abide by them yourself in the first instance. If you don't, you end up undermining the validity of your own complaint.

Now, when you RTM someone WE will make a decision as to whether the reported conduct is actionable as trolling. Decisions are often not black and white, so may require some discussion between the webteam.

If we take action - thanks for your contribution to making SN a good place to hang out.

If we don't take action - again, thanks for the contribution. We may not have felt action was not appropriate on that occasion, but we do keep such RTMs in mind and they may well inform decisions we make about any subsequent RTMs concerning that person.

BUT whatever happens, we ask you to accept the decision with good grace and not then immediately or subsequently start ranting at us, or the person you deem to be trolling. This will NOT help, and again, make you part of the problem!

As a general piece of advice, if you find someone on here objectionable, that does not necessarily make them a troll: the solution is very simple; Ignore them on the BBS and just RTM anything you think is trolling.

There are numerous cases on here where an individual's history with a user they find objectionable is prompting them to make infamatory replies to posts that fall within SN's T&Cs. By doing this, THEY are exhibiting the behaviour that merits the attention of the webteam, NOT the person they find objectionable!! It may be the case that the individuals concerned just have a clash of personality/viewpoints, or it may be that there is some trolling going on. EITHER way, the best way to deal with it is to ignore the person on the thread, and RTM. That way, it doesn't escalate and ruin a thread! Do remember though that just because you find someone objectionable, does not make them a troll!

In numerous instances it seems to us as if some people derive as much pleasure from berating people who's viewpoints they don't agree with as they claim the individual they object to is getting out of winding them up! DON'T DO IT!

Now, as you all know, the policy after Stu took over was to give existing active (i.e. non-banned) accounts a clean slate and judge them on their conduct under the new regieme. BUT This is NOT a get out of jail free card. If someone who had a "reputation" under the previous regieme starts acting up with conduct which is actionable in view of their behaviour under the new regieme, they will end up with a lifetime ban!

And let's be clear about what a lifetime ban entails: it doesn't simply mean that one can go away, sign up a new ID and then post using the same character/persona. It's a lifetime ban on the individual. No-one is immune, irrespective of their post count, history on SN, or their own perceived sense of importance to the community!

The above is very clear and the webteam will not be wasting further time/energy on reiterating it.

If you troll/bait, or feed/bait perceived trolls expect to be picked up on it and reprimanded. You have been warned.

Please, invest any effort you may have wasted in the above endeavors into just getting on with enjoying SN and having a laugh and a bit of banter/discussion with people you have time for!
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A must see

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