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So Brexit seems to be a good thing then.

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So Brexit seems to be a good thing then.


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Originally Posted by andy97 View Post
There are plenty of logical reasons, over population, overstretched public services, housing, reduced wages.
Once again, many reasons which are entirely the fault of the UK and have noting to do with EU membership!

Originally Posted by andy97 View Post
The EU by slow creep has carefully plotted to become a one state swallowing up national identity, full control of finance and laws
Now who's peddling project fear?

Originally Posted by andy97 View Post
If you support the EU's engulfing policy then feel free to move, renounce your British citizenship, I wish you well.
I left 20 odd years ago. No need to renounce my British citizenship though. Having lived outside the UK for so long and for most of the time within 30 minutes of the border to another EU country, I can appreciate the value the EU has brought to all member countries, including the UK. Sadly, UK politics/press has failed to embrace the values of EU membership, instead blaming the EU for their own failing and claiming the EU successes as their own. The little England mentality shown by Brexiteers, that somehow we're better off on our own and the notion of 'taking back control' is complete fantasy in a global economy where globally harmonised regulations are they only way to be competitive and no one country can have full control.
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Originally Posted by mrtheedge2u2 View Post
Yeah, being the EU QP for a pharma company and residing in the UK just cannot happen due to European law. Sucks but this is the fall out from Brexit. Your misses will not be the only QP being moved on.
Yep, completely agree. One of her QP colleagues is Italian and is starting a family here in the UK and is now faced with the prospect of having to move abroad with her British husband and young family to be able to continue as a QP. If she stays here in the UK as an EU national she will not be allowed to release drugs. She can only do that from a country inside the EU.

It's the enormity of the changes though. The company they work for is massive, a real global company and the employment count was huge. The amount of people who have already lost their jobs is mind blowing.

What really grinds my gears (in the words of Peter Griffin) is that Brexiters constantly state that we as a country have better trade deals and business to be done with emerging countries and world players like India and China. I have worked for a smallish private UK company for the last 20 years that has had to move to supplying increasingly more equipment to countries like this to survive. The margins and profit are 10x lower than business was previously and we are having to work 10x harder to stay above water already. Business like this is always low margin and very cutthroat. We cannot survive unless we use resource in those countries to try and cut overheads and costs here, parts and labour. So how are we supporting UK employment here? As more business moves abroad, so does the labour for that business. You just can't manufacture here in the UK and supply to these countries. It doesn't work as a business model, full stop.

Also, dealing with countries like this comes with other challenges like getting your money out. Over the last 12 months I have designed some massive systems for India and we have worked closely with our Indian offices to get these built and supplied. Payment has STILL not been received for these, this is just the way they work. You have to chase and chase everything in and still don't get money back that is owed. The labour and effort to chase money owed is MASSIVE and just crippling to a business like us. We are having to get UK bank loans to support the business for overdue invoices in excess of 6 months overdue. How can we operate like this???

The people who make these suggestions about foreign trade obviously have no personal experience of it.

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Originally Posted by BMWhere? View Post
Once again, many reasons which are entirely the fault of the UK and have noting to do with EU membership!

Now who's peddling project fear?

Just listen to Juncker, slowly but surely, it will come into being, unless national governments drop the anchor on it. It will be proposed or worked into some control mechanism which ultimately leads to countries being consumed into the EU project.
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