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Today 06:32 PM
A few from tonight sti ra
:thumb: It just looks silver in a few of those pics. Must be the light (181 views, 9 replies)
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Today 06:26 PM
Good idea?
So's sitting parked up on the M20 for days on end. Shutting down Calais would at least stop the backlog at our end and ensure travellers and hauliers know calais is a no-go location and cross the... (146 views, 8 replies)
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Today 06:23 PM
Boosted's operation 12 second
Thanks, yeah must be 7000 miles on the audi box in my car now. I even think the forged engine is on about 5000 miles now! Remap then a clutch/flywheel to fit at some point (16,721 views, 475 replies)
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Today 06:20 PM
supercharged m90 bugeye impreza
I left the injector settings alone in the AEM and never had any issues. I take it you have done an RPM calibration and have checked that your map v in matches map v out etc? What signals are you... (2,417 views, 56 replies)
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peter zippy reid
Today 06:19 PM
What ARB
If rear one bsr36zx 24mm adjustable (0 views, 1 replies)
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spanner monkey
Today 06:16 PM
AE 07 OJF , grey hawk STI stolen from Peterborough between 20.00 on the28 / 7 & 18.00 29 / 7 . Standard looking car with prodrive pff07 wheels , highly modified underneath. Dirty ***** broke... (0 views, 0 replies)
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Today 06:08 PM
Jap show - Beaulieu
Anyone going to the Jap meet at Beaulieu on Sunday? I'm going but in the wife's Mazda 3 MPS For your 10 quid entry you get a really good day with entry to the motor museum. Well worth the trip. ... (0 views, 0 replies)
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Today 06:06 PM
WANTED - Coilover Socks / covers
I'm wanting a set of Coilover clovers / socks :thumb: (0 views, 0 replies)
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Today 06:01 PM
Apple i3
Not really computer related but it's apple, looks like they are going in partnership with BMW to manufacture and Apple car :) ... (0 views, 0 replies)
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Today 05:55 PM
First track day
Snetterton? (209 views, 8 replies)
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Today 05:55 PM
Blobeye & Hawkeye PU Polyurethane Splitters - 89.99 Next Day Delivery
Are you intending to get the vltd ones back in?? (9,166 views, 238 replies)
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Today 05:49 PM
Engine tuner does it again
Sweet. It's great to hear stories about companies like that. Glad they got it all sorted for you. Missed TOTB at weekend, but it seemed to be a top day by all accounts until the bad weather came... (260 views, 2 replies)
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Today 05:45 PM
My 1997 sti ra
I'll get some arches pics this week. Must say it's an animal it leaves the evo Mr 340 like its a focus lol very clean car and enthusiast owned (238 views, 13 replies)
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Today 05:37 PM
Is an RB320 really worth this much?
By that reckoning my S204 must be worth 25k as mines done similar miles. That's batty money for an RB320 or any newage IMO but FairPlay if he gets it though. (356 views, 8 replies)
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Today 05:34 PM
Few nice parts
Think there is one hangar which is different but would not be easy or cheap to post (275 views, 2 replies)
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Today 05:28 PM
What a complete sh! T
Back in the day it was considered a great achievement to take the 'Big Five' with a bow, although most of those who did it were backed up by someone with a heavy double rifle just in case it went... (567 views, 30 replies)
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Today 05:24 PM
18" innovit redlines in need of refurb
You have pm :thumb: (98 views, 3 replies)
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Today 05:23 PM
Hi ive not heard from you regarding wheels can you let me know whats happening? (475 views, 19 replies)
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Today 05:01 PM
Sack it - Lyth out cheaply again, for 10. http://vikefans.com/public/style_emoticons/default/BangHeadWall.gif Basuras. :( 29-1 (106 views, 5 replies)
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Today 04:54 PM
When in Rome.....
Good choice Gary, Rome is a great place to visit Are you following me around Europe by any chance:wonder: Sorrento and Amalfi :thumb: (435 views, 25 replies)

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